[GTO] lucky draw & Trading competition , BINANCE 2018/2/12 0:00 AM- 2018/2/19 0:00 AM (UTC TIME)

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The competition of GTO began at BINANCE.
Join the competition on this occasion and get a GTO!


GTO trading competition BINANCE

  Lucky Draw  

Trade GTO(buys minus Sells)on BINANCE during the competition period to earn a place in the lucky draw

  Trade GTO to win 100x Reward + Prize Pool  

GTO net purchases(Buys minus Sells) over 1 ETH:

  -One Lucky Binancian will win 100 ETH equivalent of Gifto;
  -Binance will the draw another 100 Binancians to equally split a pool of 200,000 GTO(2,000 GTO each).

  Trade GTO to win 30x Reward  

GTO net purchases (Buys minus Sells) over 5 EHT:
-One Lucky Binancian will win 150ETH equivalent of Gifto.

  Net Purchases Competition  

To celebrate Valentines, we have committed a total of 750,000 GTO to reward our fans worldwide.

The Top 20 Binancians with net purchases(buys minus sells) during the competition will be rewarded.

GTO Binance reward


2018/2/12 0:00 AM- 2018/2/19 0:00 AM (UTC TIME)


Competition selection screen
binance competition GTO

After this tournament was held, the price of GTO temporarily rose.
GTO competition BINANCE

Please enjoy it!


How to register to BINANCE


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