[Results of February 2018] The cryptocurrency price move I recommended

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People's Bank of China, Binance coin

In February 2018, the price of Bitcoin, which had fallen sharply, also appeared to have regained calm.
Price declines are limited, and now it is becoming an atmosphere that is likely to raise prices.
However, as for the cryptcurrencies recommended by me, those that give a half price of the reference value are coming up.

The characteristic of the cryptographic currency is that the price jumps at a stretch once it starts to rise.
It seems that it will continue for a period of time to continue to purchase cryptocurrency at a cheaper price, but in the second half of this year you will not be able to buy it at the same price anymore.
Let’s not miss opportunities.


Here is the recommended cryptocurrency ranking as of January 2018
Please judge investment at your own risk.


Fluctuation, Feb.28.2018


Jan.1.2018 $508.00(Reference Value)

Feb.28   $408.97 -99.03-19.49%)
zcash feb 2018 binance


BNB (Binance coin)
Jan.1.2018 $8.63(Reference Value)

Feb.28   $10.66 +2.03+23.52%)
binance coin jan 2018 binance


Jan.1.2018 $3.64(Reference Value)

Feb.28   $1.97 -1.67-45.87%)
iota feb 2018 binance


BRD (Bread)
Jan.1.2018 $1.69(Reference Value)

Feb.28   $0.87 -0.82-48.52%)
bread feb 2018 binance


MTH (Monetha)
Jan.1.2018 $0.314294(Reference Value)

Feb.28   $0.150397 -0.163897-52.14%)
monetha feb 2018 binance


All five cryptocurrencies can be purchased with BINANCE.

What exchange is BINANCE?

Official Site of BINANCE
BINANCE official

How to register to BINANCE


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