[Results of March 2018] The cryptocurrency price move I recommended

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The bit coin price of March 2018 seemed to have been wandering the bottom price.
There is a proverb in Japan meaning “After rain comes fair weather”.
When the price is falling, it is time to prepare for the rise.

cryptocurrency investment = “Forecast of the future”

Considering what kind of service you are happy you will see the future of the cryptocurrency.


Here is the recommended cryptocurrency ranking as of January 2018
Please judge investment at your own risk.


Fluctuation, Mar.31.2018


Jan.1.2018 $508.00(Reference Value)

Mar.31   $186.31 -321.69-63.32%)
ZEC mar 2018


BNB (Binance coin)
Jan.1.2018 $8.63(Reference Value)

Mar.31   $10.00 +1.37+15.87%)
BRD bread mar 2018


Jan.1.2018 $3.64(Reference Value)

Mar.31   $1.10 -2.54-69.78%)
iota mar 2018


BRD (Bread)
Jan.1.2018 $1.69(Reference Value)

Mar.31   $0.39 -1.3-76.92%)
BRD bread mar 2018


MTH (Monetha)
Jan.1.2018 $0.314294(Reference Value)

Mar.31   $0.090556 -0.223738-71.18%)
MTH monetha mar 2018


All five cryptocurrencies can be purchased with BINANCE.

What exchange is BINANCE?

Official Site of BINANCE
BINANCE official

How to register to BINANCE


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