MTH : The Sleeping Crypto-Giant 2018?

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[What is Monetha (MTH)]


MTH is “payment system“.
It is an excellent system that makes development based on Ethereum technology and feels that it is superior to conventional payment system.
monetha how it works
Speaking of the current payment system is credit card. The credit card is settled after certification of 15 to 16, but if MTH, settlement is completed in one step.
And after the settlement, the credit card will take from several days to several weeks until the seller receives the money.
However, MTH’s payment system can be received in 2 minutes. you only need 1.5% commission.
Credit card fee is 2% to 6%. Since there is no company to mediate, the commission is extremely low.
In the first place, MTH aims to construct a system that allows sellers and buyers to pay directly, so it is unlikely that other companies will enter into brokerage in the future.


[The future of Monetha(MTH)]

What we can expect from the future of Monetha is that we are limiting the market to Asia.
Especially they are promoting introduction to China.
Currently in China, the service that the credit of the seller and the buyer has established has not grown at all.
It is a situation that nobody can trust unless trading via ‘Alibaba’ which is said to be the Chinese version of Amazon.
And the problem of settlement fee and time is also a big issue.

monetha MTH

If trading between seller and buyer is established without going through Alibaba, the settlement system in China will change significantly and Monetha’s demand will further increase.
Since Monetha(MTH) is based on Ethereum, it becomes settlement in Ethereum.
It depends on the penetration rate of Ethereum, but it is anticipated that Ethereum’s price rise and popularization will be expanded in the future as well, so expect a lot from Monetha.


[Monetha(MTH) Purchase Exchange]

Since MTH / Monetha is still a minor coin, it is the most promising candidate of Sleeping Crypto-Giant of expectation in the Asian market.

The recommended exchange that you can purchase MTH / Monetha is BINACE.
BINANCE can register and trade if there is only a mail address.

Welcome to the world of Sleeping Crypto-Giant!


What exchange is BINANCE?

Official Site of BINANCE
BINANCE official

How to register to BINANCE



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