[Results of April 2018] The cryptocurrency price move I recommended

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binance block chain

Bit coin taught people all over the world a technique called block chain. By applying block chain technology, it became clear that business scenes other than virtual currency have important meanings.
Companies have focused on block chains as one way to more efficiently and securely manage transactions. This destructive technology is attracting attention not only to companies but also to investors, developers and start-up companies.
Block chain is a distributed digital ledger that records and verifies transactions. The important point is that the block chains are designed to record not only financial transactions but all that have value.
Therefore, the block chain system is developed not only in finance but also in real estate and distribution industry, insurance and health care, and other data intensive industries.
I can expect that the block chain is not just technology for virtual currency but a destructive technology that can be applied widely.

Well, April was the month when the price regained calm.


Here is the recommended cryptocurrency ranking as of January 2018
Please judge investment at your own risk.


Fluctuation, Apr.30.2018


Jan.1.2018 $508.00(Reference Value)

Apr.30   $293.63 -214.37-42.20%)

ZEC apr 2018 binance


BNB (Binance coin)
Jan.1.2018 $8.63(Reference Value)

Apr.30   $15.06 +6.43+74.50%)
bnb binance coin apr 2018


Jan.1.2018 $3.64(Reference Value)

Apr.30   $2.05 -1.59-43.68%)
iota apr 2018 binance


BRD (Bread)
Jan.1.2018 $1.69(Reference Value)

Apr.30   $0.81 -0.88-52.07%)
BRD bread apr 2018 binance


MTH (Monetha)
Jan.1.2018 $0.314294(Reference Value)

Apr.30   $0.133507 -0.180787-57.52%)
MTH monetha apr 2018 binance


All five cryptocurrencies can be purchased with BINANCE.

What exchange is BINANCE?

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