Chinese cryptocurrency exchange BINANCE. I explain registration, payment method, how to use. Fees are super cheap.

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I will explain how to register and use it in BINANCE of cryptocurrency exchange in China.
BINANCE is a new exchange made in 2017.
Rapidly increasing the number of trading stocks, it is now possible to buy and sell over 100 different cryptocurrencies.
In December 2017 transaction volume reached the world first place.
If you use BNB which is the exclusive token of the exchange, it is also characterized that the commission of 0.1% usually becomes 0.05% of half price.

What exchange is BINANCE?

[How to register to BINANCE]

First, You access the BINANCE official website.

Official Site of BINANCE
BINANCE official

Let’s click “Create Account” or “Register” after accessing.
BINANCE ,Register

Enter your email address and password and click the Register button.

register click

When you click the register button, you receive the mail, so clicking on the link completes the registration.
Since identity confirmation is unnecessary for trading, it will be possible to trade immediately on this alone.

Official Site of BINANCE


[Two-facter Authentication setting]

Click “Account” from the person’s icon in the upper right to configure “Google Authenticator“.
Google Authenticator register
1. Download the application “Google Authenticator” on mobile phone.
2. Read the QR code displayed on the personal computer using the application on the mobile phone.
3. Enter the 6-digit password displayed on the mobile phone application on the screen of the personal computer.

[Deposit, withdrawal method and transaction method]

Click the [Deposit] button in [Funds] on the top right of the home screen.
Click “Deposit” to display the deposit address.
binance home screen


If you click “withdraw” you can process remittance.
Remittance by BTC is very slow as of 2018, so it is smoother to use ETH and XRP.
deposits withdrawal


When depositing / withdrawing please be sure to copy paste the address and make sure thoroughly check again.
deposit address

Official Site of BINANCE

[How to use BINANCE]

Display of transaction screen:Binance Coin (BNB) denominated and Bitcoin (BTC) denominated and Ethereum (ETH) denominated.

Let’s trade immediately after payment is completed.
Let’s select the cryptocurrency pair you wish to trade and click.
BINANCE home screen trade


The chart is displayed.
It is possible to trade on this screen.
trade screen BINANCE


Official Site of BINANCE

What exchange is BINANCE?


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