My Altcoin rising forecast ranking (as of January 2018)

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It is the 2018 year cryptocurrency rise ranking which I anticipate. Please refer for it.

chart, binance

Please judge investment at your own risk.


1st place, ZEC (Zcash)

zcash zec binance

Volume 10
Awareness 10
Risk 2

Meaning of numbers        1 (low)  ->  5(middle)  ->  10 (high)

ZEC is a cryptographic currency that can be purchased very securely.
Partnership with JP Morgan was a big topic.


2nd place, BNB (Binance coin)


Volume 8
Awareness 8
Risk 2

BNB is a token issued at the Hong Kong exchange called BINANCE.
The most noteworthy exchange in Asia now is BINANCE.



3rd place, IOTA

Volume 5
Awareness 5
Risk 5

IOTA becomes the encryption currency aimed at introducing to IoT.
IOTA uses “Tangle” mechanism, making it possible to use the Internet for free.


4th place, BRD (Bread)

bread BRD

Volume 4
Awareness 5
Risk 5

BREAD is a Bitcoin wallet that you can use on your smartphone.
Used in over 120 countries.


5th place, MTH (Monetha)


Volume 3
Awareness 4
Risk 7

MTH is “payment system”.
What we can expect from the future of Monetha is that we are limiting the market to Asia.


The point is that the higher the risk, the greater the profit when the price rises.
However, do not forget that it is prone to loss as much as the price move.

The virtual currency posted in the ranking is going to update the price at the end of every month and the chart for the month.
looking forward to!

All virtual currencies from 1st to 5th posted by me can be purchased at BINANCE.


What exchange is BINANCE?

Official Site of BINANCE
BINANCE official


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