BRD : The Sleeping Crypto-Giant 2018?

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[What is BREAD(BRD)?]

bread BRD
BREAD is a Bitcoin wallet that you can use on your smartphone.

Wallet means “wallet” for managing with a personal computer or smartphone that is on hand, without depositing the cryptocurrency traded on exchanges etc at the exchange.
If you put a Bitcoin in the wallet of the smartphone, you can do shopping at the shop with only the smartphone.
BREAD is offering such “wallet for cryptocurrency“.


[Features and prospects of BREAD(BRD)]

· Used in over 120 countries
· Approximately 200 billion worth of asset exists in BREAD
· The fastest growing Bitcoin wallet
· Sold out in 1 hour from ICO start
· Listed on BINANCE immediately after the end of ICO
· The goal is amazing! “Creating a New Bank Form”


[BREAD’s vision]

BRD smartphone
In the same way that Uber is the largest transport company without a vehicle and Airbnb is the largest hotel company that does not own a building, BREAD is trying to become the largest financial institution that does not manage any user assets at all .

BREAD does not own any digital assets of the user.
The user’s assets are directly connected to the block chain and provide trust and safety to users.
It can make international remittances with little commission and users can use borderless banking services 24 hours a day from their mobile terminals.
BREAD offers scalable services that billions of people can access their assets instantaneously without concern for hacking.


 [“BRD”, which has received great attention in Asian markets]

BREAD is traded in the unit of cryptocurrency “BRD”.
Procurement in cryptocurrency When we carried out “ICO”, we have already decided on handling in the Chinese exchanges BINANCE. Attention degree was the highest and sold out in one hour from the start of ICO.
Just seeing out at a phenomenal speed, you can see what is expected in the future!
The wallet application of the smartphone is also used by many users, already in more than 120 countries, evaluation is also very high.

[How to purchase BREAD (BRD)]

As of January 2018, since it can be purchased only in the Chinese exchanges BINANCE, please create an account of BINANCE first.
Everywhere in the world, anyone can easily register and trade.


How to register to BINANCE

What exchange is BINANCE?


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