coincheck jan.2018

In January 2018 there was a case called “XEM (NEM) about 530 million dollars will be lost” at the exchange named COINCHECK in Japan, a big shock took place in the world cryptocurrencies market.
As a result, the price of Bitcoin fell to one-third of the peak hour.
In January the price of the entire crypto-currency market also fell sharply, and among the five encryption currencies I recommended, the price rose only in BNB.
Regarding the other four cryptocurrency , it can be said that it is at the best timing to do average down.
If you purchase at this timing, you will be able to see a good dream at the end of this year.


Here is the recommended cryptocurrency ranking as of January 2018
Please judge investment at your own risk.


Fluctuation, Jan.31.2018

Jan.1.2018 $508.00(Reference Value)

Jan.31   $383.47 -124.53-24.51%)
zcash jan 2018

BNB (Binance coin)
Jan.1.2018 $8.63(Reference Value)

Jan.31   $11.25 +2.62+30.35%)
binance coin jan 2018


Jan.1.2018 $3.64(Reference Value)

Jan.31   $2.22 -1.42-39.01%)
iota jan 2018


BRD (Bread)
Jan.1.2018 $1.69(Reference Value)

Jan.31   $1.25 -0.44(-26.03%)
bread jan 2018


MTH (Monetha)
Jan.1.2018 $0.314294(Reference Value)

Jan.31   $0.252594 -0.0617(-19.63%)
monetha jan 2018


All five cryptocurrencies can be purchased with BINANCE.

What exchange is BINANCE?

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